today, my bff and i are going to play tennis.

note: we haven’t played tennis since 7th form at high school. so it’s been like, 7 years.

we’re going to rebel sports to buy our racquets, then head to the university tennis courts to get our game on. i’m really enjoying being active in any way, and tennis sounds like a fun way to stay fit. i’m sure it won’t ruin me like paintball did.

honestly, i was…crippled.

i could hardly walk up, or DOWN stairs (down was the worst). i had a bruise on my arm the size of an orange.

but, the whole paintball experience was worth it. we’re going again in march (apparently!).

so bring on tennis! i’m going to go play as hard as i can, laugh my butt off in the process (because really, i haven’t played for 7 years…) and then come home and watch a movie in bed with a cider. i’m excited.


what sports or activities are you guys into at the moment? what do you suggest? 🙂